Thursday, 12 February 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy #25 - Aurora 'Blue J' Speed colouring

I  have a little bird feeder by the window and I sometimes watch hundreds of birds 
by the window yeah, Just like a cat. ^^
Steller used to visit our birdfeeder the most, 
and enjoyed so much how beautiful these birds are. 
they look like Blue J, got mohawk hair ^^ 
anyways here is short clip of my bird feeder from the other day. ^^;;  

Here is speed colouring video I would like to share 

Digi stamp I used called Aurora 'Blue J' 

Did you noticed flowers are coming 
I can't wait for summer!!! 


  1. So beautiful! I'm always mesmerized watching you color. Seeing the eyes come alive is the best part. xxD

    1. Thank you so much Donna, for your kind words! ^.^/