Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Unky's Colouring Therapy Season2 - Episode 7 - Underwater background 1 'Mermaid Call'

Hello there! , It has been a while! 
It has been a wonderful summer so far and so much more to come.
I just love play with water and watching what water create. It is just magical.

If I explain a little bit of process what I went through.

First I lay out and dropping some copic refil colours. 
different colours in this case. and I like mixing colours.
then I went with colour pencil adding more deep colour. you could totally do it with 
darker copic. I just prefer to use colorpencil and pigment. then I realized that I erased some parts that I made it too defined and some lights that shines through the water. ( never afraid to make mistakes :P)

I use rubbing alcohol or blender to create water surface shapes It can be more lose shapes. In my case I kind of did more of diamond shapes all over. Just to remember it has to be Biger on the top ( considering it is closer to us ) to smaller as it goes down (far). 

Finally define whiter with white colour pencil whiter from top and fade off as it goes down.
then little more highlight is added with white water based ink and shinny dots. 

Always feel free to ask any questions. I am happy to answer for free! :)
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The Full colouring looks like this. 

Happy Colouring!


  1. This looks awesome! Thanks for the video. May I ask what kind of white paint you use with your white brush?

    1. Thanks! it is Ecoline watercolour ink :)