Thursday, 26 March 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #30 Lucy Loo 'Luna Spell'-FACE

Today, I wanted to share a bit slower version.
GOSH! It took me so long to upload. I guess this means I gotta upgrade my internet to higher speed
sometime soon! hehee! 
after some request on real time version, this is what I could do.
I would slow down the speed and share the parts of the colouring.
This is number one. face colouring.
now, I will try to break it down on the posting and add some explains.
see if I could help your creative journeeee! ^^

COPICS: E00 E11 E13 R20 C3 BG10

I brokedown the face with yellow as if it is plaster mold Like this one.
This is how I started my pencil when I was getting trained for school.
It is common thing in Korea. but I don't know if they do it anywhere else.
I think this is one of the reason I love drawing the face a lot ^^

then I marked highlights that with red
so Keep in mind that area you would keep it as lightest tone as you can 
and highlight it with gelpen or white ink with dots or thin line if you wish.

from number 1-5 
It is brightest - darkest.
and try not to make a harsh lines in between
more you make it smooth, it will look more natural.

keep the highlight and the dark curve next to each other.
that way you can make tip of the nose high and pointy

shade with light grey around the eyeball,
create dept by creating shade on the side of eyes 

Time for watch speeed video.
I am sorry I couldn't make it totally real time.

I upload some 15 sec clips on instagram 
If that helps. also lots of colouring photos.

Thank you so much for visiting and I will be back for her hair next week!
Have a creative week!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Interlude by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #13

*Interlude* by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #13

Last week, I had a terrible migraine for several days. It happens. Life goes on. I am back now, and now I face another terrible enemy - the number 13. Though I do not claim to be very superstitious, 13 has always bothered me a little bit. But I will try and fill the void before we again reach a more safe, 14. 14 sounds good, lol. Happy spring everyone and enjoy this beautiful colouring by our favourite beloved Unky. And now, a few lovely words for the day:

There where the sky turned
blue - she was brisk
a thunder unheard, a whisper unspoken
Her heart
tilting always and a bit singed
from the days
Burning the last candle
was the thought that came first
yet - thinking herself defeated
she was not
her flame as true as the sky blue