Thursday, 27 November 2014


The East Wind
Black Friday Sale
This week, There is no Unkytoon since I am away for my brother's wedding ^^
however! There is something for you! 

20% Off on your Entire Purchase!
Couponcode: TEWBFSALE14
It is only on Today NOV. 28th EST time. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Princess by Nightsparklies -Lost Parchement #6

Another story from Nightsparklies.
This is so girly, I never expected so girly from her ^^ But I think this is brilliant. 
Hope you enjoy.

I used Jackie's awesome colouring from her card for this story.
using Aurora 'Vine'
Story  By  Nightsparklies  

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Aurora Reindeer -Unky's Colouring Therapy #18

It has been pretty cold lately and Lots of other cities in canada already had snow. 
It was when I just had my baby, I was about to step outside. and right on the  apartment entrance
was completely blocked with 2.5 meters height pile of snow. It was in Regina. didn't live there for 
long, but that 6 month was the most snow I saw in my entire my life. 

Today's video is Speed video, 
using Aurora 'Reindeer' this image is partially 'Origanic Sketch' item which I insert green background on the listing so It still got some shading and reindeer furr is already drawn, so It didnt take me 
much time. ^^ 

If you want to see some area's colouring in slow version with my explanations, 
Please let me know. ^^

Okay, Shall we?

Colours I used here

Hair : Shinhan touch brush  R1 wine red, Prismacolor PB-134,  
          Prismacolor sholar  326,319

Background: Prisma color premier PB-39, PB 134

Black colour pencil
Faber castell  Polychromos black 9201-199***

Face : E000, E00, E13, R20 (Copic markers)
           Faber castell  Polychromos Pompeian Red 9201-191***
           Faber castell  Polychromos Cinnamon 9201=189***

See ya next wed.!


Thursday, 13 November 2014


This is the first Unkytoon ^^
It will be released every Friday on Showroom blog ^^
I just have to complain when the weather is cold. 
This is my future plan actually, I will follow the sun when I can! ^^
I am sending this image out as a digistamp to whoever on email list as a surprise. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Aurora Maple - Life Time Version I 'HAIR' -Unky's Colouring Therapy #18

This must be a longest video so far I made ^^;;; and probably spoke the most. 
I spoke and spoke for almost an hour over and over to get this, so please understand if 
some of things I said seem awkward. Teehee!

So I got few people asking What colour I used on hair,
2 Markers Prisma color brush nib PB-130, PB-4
2 Colour pencils Prismacolor Scholar 322, Faber-Castell Polycromos Black. 9201-199*** 

Now, Let's watch the video!

Thank you so much for watching!
Hope you enjoyed and take away something from it! ^^
IF it did, remember to share it with your another crafty friends ^^/ 
. . . . . . . 

AND, Just so you know, I announced,

2015 DT CALL already over at facebook page.
Please download Application from HERE, Fill it up!
and Send it to 
Deadline is PST midnight 17th Dec, 2014 

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Chesire Cat by Nightsparklies -Lost Parchement #4

Today's Story is also written by my dear friend Nightsparklies , She is an artist and also
write wonderful stories. She is one of my favourite friend on web. eventho I never met her, 
I feel so close to her. have you ever had that experience? I am just feeling purring cat after 
reading this, cat purr is so soothing. 
maybe because I could tell that cat is enjoying the interaction. someday, when I grow up.
I want to live with a cat or two. ^^/ 

Art by Unky  Cheshire cat digital stamp 
Story  By  Nightsparklies  <- click to check her art work out. ^^

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Waiting for you (2000+ sale Giveaway)- Unky's Colouring Therapy #17

Hi extraordinary ladies,
I am so pleased to say THANK YOU so much for using TheEastWind digital stamps 
We just have reached 2000+ sales! So I would like to do a appreciation giveaway 
of 1 original colouring of Aurora 'Waiting for you' by Unky, + random draw of 5 people 
will receive the Aurora 'Waiting for you' digital stamp  
If you want to apply? go HERE

I did a short shadow mapping on the beginning of the video. 
It is absolutely wonderful practice to do. and see when you look at something. ^^  
Here is the video.
Aurora 'Waiting for you'