Monday, 26 October 2015

All That Might Have Been by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #15

*All That Might Have Been* by Nightsparklies 
- Lost Parchment #15

And here is one of my absolute favourite images by Unky!


All that we might have been
was but the elegance of frosted roses
and broken champagne glasses
was but the tears upon velvet carpets
and sparkly candy wrappers
littered above the sea of my heart
you had once sunk into the embrace of
my soft hide, where there was no escape
All that we might have been


Monday, 19 October 2015

Mad Hatter by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #14

*Mad Hatter* by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #14

I am back :) Enjoy your spooky autumn and make sure to have lots of cookies and candies while you do! Here's a little something pre-Halloween:


Oh, I remember when there were more
rabbits than holes

and the dreams were darker than the skies
Oh, I remember when the mad hatter
told me to go forth
and carry his burden until the end of the day
Oh, I remember sweet, sweet Alice
her dress like velvet
and her hair spun about her like threads of gold
Oh, I remember when colour and insanity
cookies and caterpillars
they all fell into one wonderful, amazing fantasy


Friday, 9 October 2015

UTC Season2 - Episode #1

Hi Ladies! 
It has been few month since last video! 
How is everyone doing and colouring going?! 
Oh yeah I have been watching you colouring over at facebook group! and I love to see it everytime and get inspired! 

So, I am going to do another year with Unky's colouring therapy.
This season, I decided to make video every two weeks.
will be released on 10th and 25th until 2016 June. 

I have used a digi called Baby Aurora 'Witch and a Kitty'  
We are running a mini colouring contest over at TheEastWind Facebook Community group with this image and you will find the link to buy this for 1/2 price for this month!

 If I show you a closer look, 
I like to limit number of colours when I colour,
I did mainly black and grey for the baby Aurora, 
and bright blue for background.


Skin: E00, E11 (copic numbers)
Dress :C5 C8
Pumpkin:YR02, Faber-Castell Polychromos 9201-121***, 9201-104***
Chick: R20
Broom :E15,E11
Hair :B41 
Background: B26

+Black pencil ( faber-castell polychromos 9201-199) 
Rubbing Alcohol +water for background.
Wood panel from dollarstore
Mod Podge for glue and glaze.

Hope you enjoy the first episode xxx

TheEastWind 2000+ Likes Giveaway

Special event over at TEW facebook page :) 
We have reached 2000 admires! yay!
I appreciate every single one of you who cared to press like button, 
This giveaway is super special! 
Our DT ladies are sending the winners their inspirations! 
7 Designers from TEW gladly participated their creations and I am sooo very grateful.
Please come over at TheEastWind facebook page 
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