Thursday, 23 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #35 Slinky Tart 'The Big Teese'

This week's therapy is special.
I used other company's image for the second time!
I would like to do this more or regularly in the future! :)

I would like to say, It was pleasure to colour this image,
Thanks Tamara to allow me to colour this image! xxx

I guess for this image, 

I used 2 colour brown + mint. to minimize the colours to have simple look.
then shading focused on BOOBS!
As u will hear my voice, my voice is a bit shaking when I say boobs, lol
yet, I am still a bit nerdy Korean inside me. teehee.
You will see lots of black pencils and highlights on boobs! to make it stand out!

Okay Shall we watch!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #33 Lucy Loo 'Pink Rose and shimmer chiffon'

Hello There, 
How are you!?

I used pink/skyblue colour combination and have black/white rose 
to make a contrast and keep the simplicity...

I am addicted to sprinkling rubbing alcohol around the image/background
because I love the random and organic touch. 
Try it, it's SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

eyes are always got sparkles and lips are shinny

Finally, splash black and white ink around the image to add some
artful touch to it.

on the focal point (which is in the middle of the image),
always there are the strongest dark and lightest highlights 

Hope you enjoyed
Thanks for take time to watch it!

It will be so helpful if you 






also, If you have some questions 
comment or email me at

Friday, 10 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #32 Lucy Loo 'Luna Spell'- Finishing


It's been few days late to post this,

Anyways, As you see the colouring,
I did the clothing, and background  in this episode.

Things I want to point out in this colouring,
If you look at the shading I did on clothing,
I used darker colour where bright area and shadow meets,
so It creats the shadow also, the backlights.

and always at the end I touch up highlights and find dark corners and dark areas.
It will crisp up the colouring.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #31 Lucy Loo 'Luna Spell'-Hair

a tip I want to share with my colouring is.
Personally I like the art with weak/ strong in it. 
by putting grey in the back hair, you will make hair one the side stand out more. 
also, It creates distance. 
On your hair that you want to pop out,  
try have highlight very bright and the dark part darker.

Hair Video Here