Thursday, 30 October 2014

Colouring Aurora 'Maple' #16

HI Extraordinary crafty ladies! 
It is colouring time ^^ 

I had this inspiration last year actually, but It took me a year to put it down on a sketchbook.
have I ever told you How much I am grateful to you all because If I didn't have you, this drawing would not come out so soon. 

I was biking to home last year one afternoon, and I had to stop and look at the colours of leaves. I was looking at it for probably at least 30 min standing there beside of costco parking lot. - people in the car must be thinking this weird asian girl staring at the tree and stood there.. lol  I didn't care - and I had this vision, a beautiful maple fairy looking at me between different coloured leaves. you can call me crazy but that is what I saw. 

anyways, before all the leaves turn all yellow and fall down, I picked up some leaves off the ground and picked up all the pretty ones too ^^ now it is nice and dried,  I think I will keep this for awhile. 

Here is the video
Colouring Aurora 'Maple'

As I said on the video,
Let me know if you want slower version of the parts. I will be happy to make some slow versions of details.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Who's ready for colouring practice???
Today's topic is HAIR

I just bought few copic refills!! yay! So I could do more colouring.
So, On this video I am just practicing with only colour pencils,
However, If you fill the light colour tone with markers, It always helps.
Otherwise Colour pencil actually takes much longer to get the solid colour.

another tip would be, look at the hair carefully on magazines or simply google it.
I learn so much all the time by just looking at it.

"She is slow like turtle" 
My mom would look over from condo building watching me going to school.
and get so frustrated about how I take time going to school. I would stop and look at it everytime I see something interesting. 

I thought there was something wrong with me. but If I think about it now? That is just who I am. 

If you WANT! Here is the practice sheet I made for you to download Click HERE

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Lost Parchment #1 'The Cat's Cradle'

This is The First story I would like to share. This new corner will be served every monday.

This is The First story my dear friend Isabelle ( Nightsparklies  ) came up with inspired by the Lucy Loo 'crown'

Image :  Lucy Loo 'crown' 
Story by Nightsparklies 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How I make sketch to digital stamp and sharing about me. -Unky's coloring therapy #14

I always ask my Designers Soooo, What should I make a video about this week!
and Lisa told me, I should make a video about me!!! 
Oh dear, I am always so shy telling about myself. However, I think it was brilliant idea.
and It is a good chance to challenge myself. 

I recorded a video while I make a new listing which is coming up next Monday ( AURORA'MAPLE' ) This way if you might have been qurious about how I make digis,
This video will show you ^^ I speed it up so much so It looks like I do it in 2 min, Oh I WISH! ^^;;; 

So I added some text how I started my etsy shop and all. This is like a dream I am doing this!    
I LOVE IT!! There are so many people who is helping me keep going with this as well, and I am so grateful for their generous hearts.  Hope you enjoy this video ^^

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Glass Doll Eyes - Unky's Colouring Therapy #13

It sure is fall, leaves are turning colours and nice and cool weather is just perfect!
I took some photos at Whistler this weekend, you can see it at my art blog post here

Okay, Let's get to the point ^^

Today's video I made is Glass doll eye tutorial.

I normally use two markers or two colour pencils
and black pencils. I used green colour pencils for this one.

draw a line where you want to leave it out for shinny part and fill it up with lighter green

colour top section with darker green,
and blend it out 

bring darker green a bit lower on the edge of the iris to make it look round.

do it with black pencil to make it clear

add some shade under the eye lid, and blend out the pupil to make the eyes look cloudy, It is just optional. 

Use gel pen to add shine. 

Here is video I made, Hope you like it!

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Freebie Aurora 'Turkey' at The East Wind

It's our new Monthly Freebie over at THE EAST WIND, follow the link to find out how it, and many more to follow, can be yours FOC.
Image called Aurora 'Turkey' from THE EAST WIND, coloured with Promarkers
DP's are Kaiser as is the 'Whats cooking 'sentiment
Spellbinder die
Button and twine from stash