Wednesday, 17 June 2015

It has been a year!

Since I first started Youtube Colouring videos :D
I am soooo glad I did.
It has been such a good interactions and feedbacks has been pure drive for me. 
You, I am talking about.
Thank you.

Here is this week's video
one year of unky's colouring therapy folder :D.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

UTC #41 Betty Cockus 'Call me maybe'

*IMAGE: Betty cockus 'Call me maybe'

This month, I am releasing some Betty Cockus images,
It is drag images and It happen to be national LGBT month!
Oh yeah, I totally support the right of LGBT ppl and equality.

The Little story behind the name 'Betty Cockys'

This is Betty the Betta fish of Aurora's

And This is Cockus, NOT.
It's just random photo from internet. 
but It was my boyfriend's childhood pet chicken

So we Go to this breakfast place time to time in New Westminster called "Coming home cafe"
run by few friendly gay guys, they have this granma home theme for the place, 
and We were in the line waiting for table and he asked questions like
what is your pet's name? and here goes our table name.
"Betty Cockus"
What a perfect name for dragqueen, I just thought. 
and here we are.

At the place's bathroom they glued bunch of jokes on the tile
and I thought this was sooooo funny!
so I wanted to share it.

There is so much more but for that, you just have to go there yourself and read the rest :P

OKAY so, Here is what I came with,

I did the bigger version at first, and I made tons of mistakes which I didn't mind.
and It was too long to colour, so I made a smaller version and put it together.
Hope you like it ladies!
Thanks so much!!

If this 4X video is too fast!?
I have full video of real time version.
If you are interested? you can buy it for 50% OFF If you share it on social media.