Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dream Frying Pan

Dear Crafters.

Two days ago, I was trying to fry some French Toast in the morning. and I was horribly failed. My non stick pan is super stick pan. It sound stupid to have sentimental about pan but I was looking for a pan that last long for many years, expensive or not. I always end up fail to cook an egg at one point. So I did more digging on google. :) and I found some people mention about 'well seasoned' carbon steel pan. What does it mean? Seasoning frying pan? so I did a bit more digging and it is some sort of process of heating and applying oil. So, I bought a carbon steel wok from Taiwan and a crape pan. That is all I could find from local kitchen shop. The thing about this Taiwanese wok, I had to heat up the wok then wipe out the protection lacquer.... I end up grilling wok sticking in my fire place and also long time scrubbing removed it and managed to season the wok for the first time! 

Then next morning, I was dreaming of my dream frying pan that we (me and frying pan) will go long time cooking together. and I decided to draw something about it. and also share with you. I know that a lot of you are moms like me who have special relationships with your kitchen. So I had that dream pan drawing in my head and finally drew out tonight. I want to offer this digital stamp / colouring sheet with you. It is about your and my dream frying pan.

Do you have a wonderful story about your relationship with frying pan? I know it sounds silly but I would be so interested to hear from you too!  comment or you can email me at 
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