Saturday, 26 December 2015

UTC Season2 - Episode #3

Long time no video ladies,
I recored this a while ago but finally put it together!
Hope you enjoy it and Have a happy new year!

This image is called  Lucy Loo 'Morning Stretch'

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

UTC Season2 - Episode #2 - A, B

Hi~ It is November and It is time to enjoy 
all the christmas crafting fun!!

This Episode has two videos :)
Betty and I prepared an collaboration event over at Facebook
so you can get these digis for only 1$ during event period.

If you like to join the fun  and get these digis for 1$? click Here for more detail!

Betty's Stamp 'Gothic Elf'

TheEastWind, Lucy Loo 'Creepmas'

Monday, 26 October 2015

All That Might Have Been by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #15

*All That Might Have Been* by Nightsparklies 
- Lost Parchment #15

And here is one of my absolute favourite images by Unky!


All that we might have been
was but the elegance of frosted roses
and broken champagne glasses
was but the tears upon velvet carpets
and sparkly candy wrappers
littered above the sea of my heart
you had once sunk into the embrace of
my soft hide, where there was no escape
All that we might have been


Monday, 19 October 2015

Mad Hatter by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #14

*Mad Hatter* by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #14

I am back :) Enjoy your spooky autumn and make sure to have lots of cookies and candies while you do! Here's a little something pre-Halloween:


Oh, I remember when there were more
rabbits than holes

and the dreams were darker than the skies
Oh, I remember when the mad hatter
told me to go forth
and carry his burden until the end of the day
Oh, I remember sweet, sweet Alice
her dress like velvet
and her hair spun about her like threads of gold
Oh, I remember when colour and insanity
cookies and caterpillars
they all fell into one wonderful, amazing fantasy


Friday, 9 October 2015

UTC Season2 - Episode #1

Hi Ladies! 
It has been few month since last video! 
How is everyone doing and colouring going?! 
Oh yeah I have been watching you colouring over at facebook group! and I love to see it everytime and get inspired! 

So, I am going to do another year with Unky's colouring therapy.
This season, I decided to make video every two weeks.
will be released on 10th and 25th until 2016 June. 

I have used a digi called Baby Aurora 'Witch and a Kitty'  
We are running a mini colouring contest over at TheEastWind Facebook Community group with this image and you will find the link to buy this for 1/2 price for this month!

 If I show you a closer look, 
I like to limit number of colours when I colour,
I did mainly black and grey for the baby Aurora, 
and bright blue for background.


Skin: E00, E11 (copic numbers)
Dress :C5 C8
Pumpkin:YR02, Faber-Castell Polychromos 9201-121***, 9201-104***
Chick: R20
Broom :E15,E11
Hair :B41 
Background: B26

+Black pencil ( faber-castell polychromos 9201-199) 
Rubbing Alcohol +water for background.
Wood panel from dollarstore
Mod Podge for glue and glaze.

Hope you enjoy the first episode xxx

TheEastWind 2000+ Likes Giveaway

Special event over at TEW facebook page :) 
We have reached 2000 admires! yay!
I appreciate every single one of you who cared to press like button, 
This giveaway is super special! 
Our DT ladies are sending the winners their inspirations! 
7 Designers from TEW gladly participated their creations and I am sooo very grateful.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

It has been a year!

Since I first started Youtube Colouring videos :D
I am soooo glad I did.
It has been such a good interactions and feedbacks has been pure drive for me. 
You, I am talking about.
Thank you.

Here is this week's video
one year of unky's colouring therapy folder :D.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

UTC #41 Betty Cockus 'Call me maybe'

*IMAGE: Betty cockus 'Call me maybe'

This month, I am releasing some Betty Cockus images,
It is drag images and It happen to be national LGBT month!
Oh yeah, I totally support the right of LGBT ppl and equality.

The Little story behind the name 'Betty Cockys'

This is Betty the Betta fish of Aurora's

And This is Cockus, NOT.
It's just random photo from internet. 
but It was my boyfriend's childhood pet chicken

So we Go to this breakfast place time to time in New Westminster called "Coming home cafe"
run by few friendly gay guys, they have this granma home theme for the place, 
and We were in the line waiting for table and he asked questions like
what is your pet's name? and here goes our table name.
"Betty Cockus"
What a perfect name for dragqueen, I just thought. 
and here we are.

At the place's bathroom they glued bunch of jokes on the tile
and I thought this was sooooo funny!
so I wanted to share it.

There is so much more but for that, you just have to go there yourself and read the rest :P

OKAY so, Here is what I came with,

I did the bigger version at first, and I made tons of mistakes which I didn't mind.
and It was too long to colour, so I made a smaller version and put it together.
Hope you like it ladies!
Thanks so much!!

If this 4X video is too fast!?
I have full video of real time version.
If you are interested? you can buy it for 50% OFF If you share it on social media.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

UTC #40 Lucy Loo ' Blossom sensuality'

Lucy Loo ' Blossom sensuality'

Cherry Blossom season has gone already!
Every year I wanted to go take some good photos but I missed this year again!
But It is totally gorgeous to look at :)

I wanted to colour like a doll, so made her eyes like glass doll eyes.
I am so happy that I release this ON TIME!! YEAH BABY <3
Hope you enjoy it xxx Happy colouring <3

If you would like to have real time video, It is available on Sellfy shop

Saturday, 23 May 2015

UCT #39 Lucy Loo 'Bookaholic'

It is 39th colouring video!
It has been so nice out thesedays! 
Isn't it just nice to have warm weather back! 

I went back to my old camera setting ^^ 
I think this looks better.
and my high Speeeeed internet helped me 
upload this in 10 minutes! WOW!
It used to take me at least few hours before and 
none of the family member could use any internet device! 
anyways cut the chit chat,
and let's watch it

from now, New UTC videos will be also available in Real time version!
I have decided to charge a little bit of money 
It will be a great support for me to keep going with my dream! 
click the button below! 
I set a little discount right now for limited time! :) 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #35 Slinky Tart 'The Big Teese'

This week's therapy is special.
I used other company's image for the second time!
I would like to do this more or regularly in the future! :)

I would like to say, It was pleasure to colour this image,
Thanks Tamara to allow me to colour this image! xxx

I guess for this image, 

I used 2 colour brown + mint. to minimize the colours to have simple look.
then shading focused on BOOBS!
As u will hear my voice, my voice is a bit shaking when I say boobs, lol
yet, I am still a bit nerdy Korean inside me. teehee.
You will see lots of black pencils and highlights on boobs! to make it stand out!

Okay Shall we watch!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #33 Lucy Loo 'Pink Rose and shimmer chiffon'

Hello There, 
How are you!?

I used pink/skyblue colour combination and have black/white rose 
to make a contrast and keep the simplicity...

I am addicted to sprinkling rubbing alcohol around the image/background
because I love the random and organic touch. 
Try it, it's SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

eyes are always got sparkles and lips are shinny

Finally, splash black and white ink around the image to add some
artful touch to it.

on the focal point (which is in the middle of the image),
always there are the strongest dark and lightest highlights 

Hope you enjoyed
Thanks for take time to watch it!

It will be so helpful if you 






also, If you have some questions 
comment or email me at

Friday, 10 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #32 Lucy Loo 'Luna Spell'- Finishing


It's been few days late to post this,

Anyways, As you see the colouring,
I did the clothing, and background  in this episode.

Things I want to point out in this colouring,
If you look at the shading I did on clothing,
I used darker colour where bright area and shadow meets,
so It creats the shadow also, the backlights.

and always at the end I touch up highlights and find dark corners and dark areas.
It will crisp up the colouring.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #31 Lucy Loo 'Luna Spell'-Hair

a tip I want to share with my colouring is.
Personally I like the art with weak/ strong in it. 
by putting grey in the back hair, you will make hair one the side stand out more. 
also, It creates distance. 
On your hair that you want to pop out,  
try have highlight very bright and the dark part darker.

Hair Video Here

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #30 Lucy Loo 'Luna Spell'-FACE

Today, I wanted to share a bit slower version.
GOSH! It took me so long to upload. I guess this means I gotta upgrade my internet to higher speed
sometime soon! hehee! 
after some request on real time version, this is what I could do.
I would slow down the speed and share the parts of the colouring.
This is number one. face colouring.
now, I will try to break it down on the posting and add some explains.
see if I could help your creative journeeee! ^^

COPICS: E00 E11 E13 R20 C3 BG10

I brokedown the face with yellow as if it is plaster mold Like this one.
This is how I started my pencil when I was getting trained for school.
It is common thing in Korea. but I don't know if they do it anywhere else.
I think this is one of the reason I love drawing the face a lot ^^

then I marked highlights that with red
so Keep in mind that area you would keep it as lightest tone as you can 
and highlight it with gelpen or white ink with dots or thin line if you wish.

from number 1-5 
It is brightest - darkest.
and try not to make a harsh lines in between
more you make it smooth, it will look more natural.

keep the highlight and the dark curve next to each other.
that way you can make tip of the nose high and pointy

shade with light grey around the eyeball,
create dept by creating shade on the side of eyes 

Time for watch speeed video.
I am sorry I couldn't make it totally real time.

I upload some 15 sec clips on instagram 
If that helps. also lots of colouring photos.

Thank you so much for visiting and I will be back for her hair next week!
Have a creative week!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Interlude by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #13

*Interlude* by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #13

Last week, I had a terrible migraine for several days. It happens. Life goes on. I am back now, and now I face another terrible enemy - the number 13. Though I do not claim to be very superstitious, 13 has always bothered me a little bit. But I will try and fill the void before we again reach a more safe, 14. 14 sounds good, lol. Happy spring everyone and enjoy this beautiful colouring by our favourite beloved Unky. And now, a few lovely words for the day: