Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Unky's Colouring Therapy Season2 - Episode 6 -'Fung la'

This image is I have released on May 1st as a freebie!
the model of the image is one of my good friend's girlfriend. she is fashion model in Vietnam.
I follow her on instagram and she has really pretty face and especially with big eyes and full lips. :)
sometimes when I like the sketch it looks so different because I usually add shadows on the sketch and without it, it just look different. 

I used high quality watercolor paper. I think it is hot pressed watercolour paper. but I was gifted to me so I can't tell exactly what brand and how many gram and so on. However it is a good quality paper and I like how it takes copics and colour pencil. and yes, quality of paper does effect pigment especially, when you add layers of colour pencils, in my opinion. 

Colouring tips
So I started with adding base tone. I usually choose something toned down colour such as a grey or dark coral.. I used E04 which looked like Dark coral to me.  I usually go kind of loose when I fill up tones with copics and I think It gives me a good speed and helps looking at the piece as whole. 

It is nice to have a reference photos, I usually have few fashion magazines near my art table. It is very handy to look through for the face. once I find the one picture that I like, I sort of stick with it and try not to look at too many photos.

Touching up. and finish.
I normally use white ink or gelpen to highlight some blings and sparkles.
I like the glossy look and how it stands out. and on this one, I added some lose hair around with black pencil. 

OKAY, Hope you enjoyed the video!
again, I appreciate the face that you came to visit here and watch it. 
The connection means a lot to me.