Thursday, 26 February 2015

You Are Everything by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #11

You Are Everything by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #11

In memory of all the beautiful and fuzzy little creatures of this world, who capture our hearts and soothe our souls. You will never be forgotten.


Losing you was a terrible feat, the hand that life deals us all; that one definite card of ending. We all know we're going somewhere, somehow. The road seems long and then it seems short, winding across thorns and up stony hearts; dreary cliffs and tired mountains. But we climb, and often we persevere against better judgement. Most of us make the most of what there is, some of us make a little more of it. Those tiny, tiny little souls that strive to breach the gap of understanding, even wordlessly, they seem to endlessly seek our love and compassion. I have relented; I serve this purpose with my entire heart. Come storms, come thunder and lightning and terrible hurricanes; come the end. I am a witness to your wonder; let them have the glory and the everlasting empire of imagined angels, I shall have you instead. Always. And though I do not know how many times over I will lose you, I will find a way; the path will lead me back to you.

To Minou, Coraline, Lina and Sini,

to Perle and Stella. I miss you all and love you so much. You mean the world to me, you are precious and pure and eternal.