Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Caterpillar by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #10

The Caterpillar by Nightsparklies - Lost Parchment #10
 Do you love the mystical and mysterious? Are you up for a riddle? Meet the Caterpillar, who knows all there is to know and then some more.

The caterpillar, she asked the strangest questions. Lingering in her thought, she'd carefully twirl the smoke with her tongue, enjoying the moment. Her pipe was bubbling softly and the scent was sweet, ever so calming. Gazing upon the forest floor, she'd lift her heavy lashes, showering her visitor with meaningful, cryptic glances. Her bed was a massive mushroom, a truly fabulous specimen of fungi, whereupon her tiny frame rested, in a silken cocoon of shimmer and fabric. Her questions were fascinating and so deeply disturbing.

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