Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Unky's Colouring Therapy < Rainbow raver Anj Hoola-Hoop >

My friend Anj, She is totally an amazing person. You know, There are some people who has Full of positive aura. This time I made a video of piece that I will ship it to Anj ^^ When I decided to draw her as a character, It was super easy! She is as funky as the drawing in real Life!!  

I try not to use too many colours when I do colouring, However, this one is different. I was allowed to use rainbow colours! teehee! I am crazy about colours and colour combos, RAINBOW is my favourite colour combo!! 

last few videos, I had requests to slow down the videos also many colour name and product infos. That's why this time, I am adding some descriptions on the longer version video. I am not a native English speaker, so I am practicing speaking on the video in the near future. so please keep an eye on, and Be READY to laugh at my Korean accent + broken English ^^ 

I made a really fast speedy video ( 2 min ) and a longer version ( about 10 min )
All the details of the materials listed below the video! 

a really fast speedy video ( 2 min )

a longer version ( about 10 min ) 

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  1. Luv to watch colouring in motion...luv the image too, well done, more please. X

    1. Hi! I Love your style on Nikki blog! Thank you for lovely comment, It helps me keep going with this! ^^ I just released one more speed colouring video! every wed. baby! xxx