Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hair Hair Hair.... -Unky's coloring therapy #11

Last week, I passed the test for Canadian Citizenship! so I would say sorry that I missed video tutorial and Thank you for all the support that showed on facebook page and community! ^^ It means a lot to me. I studied all day and passed exam. I was soooo tired that day so I had to take a nap ^^

I wanted to point out one thing I always bare in mind when I colouring or making any art projects. often, I forget and over do it.  

*I like to have sharp and loose part in my art.  

on the part that you want to emphasis, there will be the brightestdarkest both in it, so it makes it even more clear. also you can see how I grab my pencil closer to lead for emphasis area vs. further hair, I kind of lay down the pencil and I grab my pencil further from lead.


On hair, follow the sketch lines. a lot of you call it 'flickering', start from dark to light, There are no secrets to it, practice will make it perfect. I don't think my strokes are the best neither. I have far way to go ^^.  

Here is the video ^^


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Are you into Dark Stuff? I am! ^____^
Our 'Zombies' FB community contest has started, and I am preparing some mini colouring contest with awesome prize will come up in a few days! so Please join us over at TEW Facebook community group 

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