Thursday, 21 August 2014


Today, I would like to share this video of drawing for this banner

Some of you might be wonder WHY am I using copic + colour pencils normally.
well, I am so used to pencil, main reason was actually I could not afford too much Copic markers which is half price back home ( South Korea ). However, I do like Copic+colour pencil combination for few reasons, and I will probably buy the whole sets if I ever go back to Korea for visit. well for now, I will use different markers as well. 

You will see, in some of the following videos, I will be running out of ink. lol

Anyways, Just I thought it would be fun to share, cause It's kind of fun watching myself look like drawing super fast! Unlikely!

Okay Ladies! Please Join our "Arrgh...Pirates!" Contest over at FB group

Okay, Until next Wed.

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