Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Who's ready for colouring practice???
Today's topic is HAIR

I just bought few copic refills!! yay! So I could do more colouring.
So, On this video I am just practicing with only colour pencils,
However, If you fill the light colour tone with markers, It always helps.
Otherwise Colour pencil actually takes much longer to get the solid colour.

another tip would be, look at the hair carefully on magazines or simply google it.
I learn so much all the time by just looking at it.

"She is slow like turtle" 
My mom would look over from condo building watching me going to school.
and get so frustrated about how I take time going to school. I would stop and look at it everytime I see something interesting. 

I thought there was something wrong with me. but If I think about it now? That is just who I am. 

If you WANT! Here is the practice sheet I made for you to download Click HERE

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