Thursday, 30 October 2014

Colouring Aurora 'Maple' #16

HI Extraordinary crafty ladies! 
It is colouring time ^^ 

I had this inspiration last year actually, but It took me a year to put it down on a sketchbook.
have I ever told you How much I am grateful to you all because If I didn't have you, this drawing would not come out so soon. 

I was biking to home last year one afternoon, and I had to stop and look at the colours of leaves. I was looking at it for probably at least 30 min standing there beside of costco parking lot. - people in the car must be thinking this weird asian girl staring at the tree and stood there.. lol  I didn't care - and I had this vision, a beautiful maple fairy looking at me between different coloured leaves. you can call me crazy but that is what I saw. 

anyways, before all the leaves turn all yellow and fall down, I picked up some leaves off the ground and picked up all the pretty ones too ^^ now it is nice and dried,  I think I will keep this for awhile. 

Here is the video
Colouring Aurora 'Maple'

As I said on the video,
Let me know if you want slower version of the parts. I will be happy to make some slow versions of details.

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Hope you like it, If you happen to colour this stamp, Pleeeease Share it with me at TEW facebook group ^^


  1. You are an amazing artists and I love watching your videos and your digits too😃. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thank you for another manufacturing process. You really are a talented artist, and thank you for sharing your wonderful things with us :-))

  3. Her eyes! They're *so* gorgeous and life like! Love your coloring - it's always so amazing to watch things come together for you.

  4. Lovely work. I'd love to see the full real time version.

    1. It is 1 hour long, and It will take forever to upload on youtube. I will be happy to break it down if you want to see different parts. ^^

    2. Oh.... an hour.... how about deepening the shading of the face and hair using the pencils, but not until you are feeling better.

    3. face and hair, sounds goood ^^

  5. Love your work and also your colouring!
    Have a great Weekend!
    Hugs Sandra

  6. wow UNKY This is fantastic now let me see if I can find the newest one.... LOVE your coloring!!!
    Linda K.

  7. Unky! Those eyes! That hair!! I would love details on how you did her hair. I saw you kind of block coloured it with markers then went in and blended and deepened shadows with pencils. I'm in awe! I think I watched it five times trying to see exactly what and how you did it. Beautiful!