Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Unky's colouring therapy #23 - Angel


Today's video is speeeeeed video of Angel

My FAVOURITE rubber alcohol background actually worked so well ^^
I wonder if you saw, I got 120 polychromos from Faber-castell 
I  find it is bit harder so it keeps really pointy tips 
It works really good for adding colours and do the fine details,
I am going to try on different paper/wood perhaps.

The reason why I use copic and then pencil over it,
I lay down the base colour with marker so quick. and it gives solid base to do details and shading.
with pencils, It would take so much more time to lay down the colours 
and also, markers barely damages the paper taxture also, gives very clean and even tone.
 and pencils, so much better to illustrate different textures and details.

If I share one more tip on this colouring, If I want the face stand out, 
you have to tone down on some other object around face, 
in this case, the hair beside her face. I used grey pencil to tone it down so face will pop out more.
also add some highlights with white gelpen as well. 

Hope you enjoy this video

Hope you liked this video and 
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  1. Very cool colouring. So fast it was like you weren't even thinking about it, lol I use my intense in a similar fashion to lay down the majority of colour then go over with my polys :)

  2. Thanks Unky, always a pleasure to watch!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments Xxx

  4. I'm mesmerized by your coloring. Am amazed how the image comes to life and he background just blooms. Fabulous! xxD

  5. Oh My! I just happened upon you. After trying to find the right words to express your talent, I confess I've no choice but to borrow Donna's and reiterate...mesmerizing. That word says it best. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Woooow...This is absolutely gorgeous! And your colouring is fantastic! Hugs Neva

  7. 컬러링이 정말 환상적이군요. 예술이에요.
    실례가 안된다면 마카위에 뿌리는 블랜딩 용액이 무엇인지 여줘봐도 될까요???