Friday 8 December 2017

2017 Christmas card making series #1-3

Hi! Christmas is coming! 
I just started to make christmas cards recently, 
and Here is my videos that I made to share while I am doing it!

there is more to come! 
Here it is!

And this one is a bonus. :D

Hope you enjoy it!!
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Wednesday 13 September 2017

Unky's Colouring Therapy- Season 3 Episode #1 - Aurora 'Pug Rule'

Hi! It has been over a year for me to upload a video.
I was doing a commission work for Heather and I thought it would be fun to record colouring and so,
I came back with Season 3.
We are starting off with colouring Aurora 'Pug Rule'
As a celebration for season 3 launch, I would like this digi to be affordable as $1 until end of Sept.

I have prepared colouring contest for you to join and have a chance to win more digis :)

In this video I am using copic markers, chameleon markers, faber castell polychromos colorpencils and sakura gelly roll for highlights.


Thursday 16 March 2017

Dream Frying Pan

Dear Crafters.

Two days ago, I was trying to fry some French Toast in the morning. and I was horribly failed. My non stick pan is super stick pan. It sound stupid to have sentimental about pan but I was looking for a pan that last long for many years, expensive or not. I always end up fail to cook an egg at one point. So I did more digging on google. :) and I found some people mention about 'well seasoned' carbon steel pan. What does it mean? Seasoning frying pan? so I did a bit more digging and it is some sort of process of heating and applying oil. So, I bought a carbon steel wok from Taiwan and a crape pan. That is all I could find from local kitchen shop. The thing about this Taiwanese wok, I had to heat up the wok then wipe out the protection lacquer.... I end up grilling wok sticking in my fire place and also long time scrubbing removed it and managed to season the wok for the first time! 

Then next morning, I was dreaming of my dream frying pan that we (me and frying pan) will go long time cooking together. and I decided to draw something about it. and also share with you. I know that a lot of you are moms like me who have special relationships with your kitchen. So I had that dream pan drawing in my head and finally drew out tonight. I want to offer this digital stamp / colouring sheet with you. It is about your and my dream frying pan.

Do you have a wonderful story about your relationship with frying pan? I know it sounds silly but I would be so interested to hear from you too!  comment or you can email me at 
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Tuesday 18 October 2016

Unky's Colouring Therapy Season 2 - Episode #9 - Thorns N Roses - Colouring Roses.

While I still have this digi 'Thorns N Roses' for Just 1$ ~ end of OCT.  as a 'TREAT'

SHOP HERE-> 'Thorns N Roses' 

I have a 'Trick' for you. How I coloured Roses with copic. 

Enjoy Watching :) 

Thursday 14 July 2016

Unky's Colouring Therapy Season2 -'Underwater background'2 - Aurora 'swim with betty'

Hi Ladies, Today I wanted to share another video colouring underwater scene background.
I hope you enjoy the video! 
I break down a little explanation step by step for you

First the Digi I used.
Aurora 'Swim with Betty'


BG10, BG13, BG15, B21, B23, B26, B41, E00

I used aqua blue for the surface of the water, and Cobalt blue for the deep far end. I think whatever blue you use, lighter on the surface of the water, then it goes darker in the middle. then lighter in the bottom of the sea. I did not go crazy to blend out the colours. Just smooth enough.


BLENDER INK (or Rubbing Alcohol )

Surface of the ocean, I dropped few blender refill to create beautiful organic shapes. Normally  I use rubbing Alcohol and It works the same and much more economical.



On the bottom part, I drew out water shadows with blender. It is better if you make it all different and random shapes. Larger shapes on the bottom and gets smaller as it goes to the middle part. 


Ecoline Watercolour ink 

Create some highlights on the surface of the water, sunshine shinning through the water. 


BLENDER (or Rubbing Alcohol +Brush )

Create Sunshine with blender. Smaller and whiter on top, it gets larger and fade out on the bottom. 


Ecoline Watercolour ink 

Create some highlights on the Bottom ocean.  

See you on the next video!