Monday, 10 November 2014

The Chesire Cat by Nightsparklies -Lost Parchement #4

Today's Story is also written by my dear friend Nightsparklies , She is an artist and also
write wonderful stories. She is one of my favourite friend on web. eventho I never met her, 
I feel so close to her. have you ever had that experience? I am just feeling purring cat after 
reading this, cat purr is so soothing. 
maybe because I could tell that cat is enjoying the interaction. someday, when I grow up.
I want to live with a cat or two. ^^/ 

Art by Unky  Cheshire cat digital stamp 
Story  By  Nightsparklies  <- click to check her art work out. ^^


  1. I Love this ! Until I read it outloud to my dear Hubby, I did not realise how
    beautifully it flowed and how magical it really is.
    And I am no orator or poet.
    This completed piece should be sold as prints.

  2. This gives me shivers I love it so much! Just magical! xxD