Saturday, 23 May 2015

UCT #39 Lucy Loo 'Bookaholic'

It is 39th colouring video!
It has been so nice out thesedays! 
Isn't it just nice to have warm weather back! 

I went back to my old camera setting ^^ 
I think this looks better.
and my high Speeeeed internet helped me 
upload this in 10 minutes! WOW!
It used to take me at least few hours before and 
none of the family member could use any internet device! 
anyways cut the chit chat,
and let's watch it

from now, New UTC videos will be also available in Real time version!
I have decided to charge a little bit of money 
It will be a great support for me to keep going with my dream! 
click the button below! 
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