Tuesday, 5 May 2015

UCT #37 Twistedvenus 'Water=Blood'



I did few things different on this colouring,
I coloured yellow and blue to start with to have base tone of the colouring.
Also, I used up all my boyfriend's 93% rubbing alcohol,
I bought bunch of 99% alcohol
I find it is much thicker! and works more intensively. I think I like it.
and I also dropped some refil markers which I bought in Korea for pretty cheap 
cause I think zig marker has discontinued their products. 

I found my spring at www.findaspring.com

Here is some photos of my spring water source.
 see the warning sign?
If you are really worried of harmful bacteria and germs then could boil the water.
It was raining when I took the photo.

So, I think water is another thing I think important for me and my family ^^

I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. I love how doing the background first almost made her look like she was glowing! <3