Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Little piglet holding apple in the forest ^^ -Unky's Colouring Therapy episode #22

Hello there, 
One Week goes sooooo quick! isn't it?
Kids went back to school! running around to classes and groceries...
in addition, I was so busy looking for vacuum lol.
and I got one. Whew, If I didn't I probably sleeping thinking about vacuum.

I am finally planning to have a nice arts and crafts corner in my place.
now it is everywhere in the house and 
you know, I like to just move my arm to grab something I need. ^^

Let's cut the chit chat and get to the point.
This week, I recorded this one.

It is called.....

Vegan Little Pig with Little Birdie Holding Apple

I know. lol I have no idea why I made this title this long, but I think it is pretty cute.
(^_^)  So,  
What can I point out on this one? 
shinny back lights and apple rendering 
and imperfection!?!!

you see, I dropped rubbing alcohol way too much 
in the right corner, but I think It gives some awesome effect of where the light is coming from.
(maybe female piggy angel will come down from that corner ^(oo)^ )
Which is what I wanted to demonstrate the most this time. 
I guess mostly on the pig he has his face in the shade, warm sunshine on his back.
u see? he loves that apple. ^^ 

Okay Shall we?


PS- tools
 These are for shading and highlighting +sparkles 


  1. Oh for a tiny bit of your talent! You are awesome!

  2. How fun (and educational) to watch a true artist and work. Thank you!