Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ashley Stamps Sales Report

Why Don't I report Ashley's aswell!!?
So there is a girl called Ashley and She used to waitress with me.
She just found her mom and her sisters lately their where about back in Viet after
20+ years. So I was so happy for her.
However, early This year, She was told that she had breast cancer.
and yeah! She finished the chemo +radiation finished!!!
I thought to draw her in stamps and share 50% profits with her to show her my support.
Vicky and Margaret sent her cards made with her stamps.

Report time.
We sold 50 of Ashley stamps.
and total income of 178.5 
Minus fees at 128.5
50% of it is 64.5$

I gave her 35$ cash 
bought her a wig ^^ when her hair was all fell off, it was about 65 dollars.
I took her out for lunch few times last year as well,
but there is no prove! Duh!
Maybe it is a good idea to keep receipts from now.
Makes me shy saying this little details on kinda personal stuff, but O well.
It is nice to be clear!

anyways~ Her hair is growing back and her short hair looked pretty sexy!!
that inspires me to make a digi of her with short hair! ^^