Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How I make sketch to digital stamp and sharing about me. -Unky's coloring therapy #14

I always ask my Designers Soooo, What should I make a video about this week!
and Lisa told me, I should make a video about me!!! 
Oh dear, I am always so shy telling about myself. However, I think it was brilliant idea.
and It is a good chance to challenge myself. 

I recorded a video while I make a new listing which is coming up next Monday ( AURORA'MAPLE' ) This way if you might have been qurious about how I make digis,
This video will show you ^^ I speed it up so much so It looks like I do it in 2 min, Oh I WISH! ^^;;; 

So I added some text how I started my etsy shop and all. This is like a dream I am doing this!    
I LOVE IT!! There are so many people who is helping me keep going with this as well, and I am so grateful for their generous hearts.  Hope you enjoy this video ^^

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  1. So fun watching the stamps come to life and finding out more about you. xxD

  2. This was amazing to watch! You are so talented and I am thrilled that you have kept up with your creativity!

  3. Like this video very much.

  4. Unky do you use a computer drawing board to draw into photoshop? and what version of photoshop is that? just wondering.. Your work is brilliant!! :)

    1. I didnt see your question until now! gosh! sorry, It was Photoshop cs6.