Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hair Heaven Colouring book test vol. 1 : COPIC

Yes it is done! finally, 
And This 21st image 'TheEastWind Witchery'
It was my lifetime dream to have a Witchery.... home grown herb tinctures and selling colouring therapy books? How fun it would be right? that is how I came up with this image.

So I tried with copics and copic only.
and I was so worried cause the papers from my book is pretty thin.
and I saw many nasty complaints from same publisher's colouring book.
cause this one have pretty much one option for any book.
I'd say it is not impossible! I actually would say it is totally enjoyable. 
Only thing is there are lots, lots of hair on this image and I did get neck pain sitting and look down for long time. :) 

Copics I used. 

That white pen is Sakura gellpen for highlight.

Paper is thin so I put 3 Kraft paper card stock 
just to be sure there are no damage on next page

Close up shot here. :) 

Little tip I wanted to share when I colour.
I always keep in mind when I paint and colour.
that to have a focal point. most of the image 
yes it is girl's face and hair around face.
more vivid colour and more detail is used.
It makes the end result more interesting and dynamic. 


I am working on second book now in Korean theme.
:) lots of hanbok Korean dress with girly images 
I have sketched and working on it. 

Thanks for checking out.


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  1. I just got your Hair Heaven on the mail today & OMG I love it. I saw your video review for it on You tube looking for new indy artists & fell in love with your book. Thank You for the review. I so wanted a new artist to color. Your book was just the book

    1. I am so glad you like my book!! Thank you for lovely review! Please make a review on amazon if you got some time to spare!