Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Unky's Colouring Therapy Episode #27 Lucy Loo 'Love Letter'


When I started to colour this, I wanted to use minimal colour, 
I choose red (R37) and black. 

I don't think the nose look perfect at all this time. 

Her eyes, You might know by now that I LOVE smoky eyes
If you look at some smoky eyes make up tutorials, 
It's got very dark and deep on the tails of the eyes.
eyeballs, I wanted to make it look a bit like doll's glass eyes.

I was thinking of grey background but I finally decided to go with green.
That colour is called Green shadow (Kurecolour 520) 
probably in copic, it can be BG10 cool shadow 

Normally I usually fill up the colours with copics and blending +details with colour pencils.


  1. I let my kids watch this one and they said aww cute cat :) Another great colouring Unky