Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It is about time, right? - Unky's coloring tutorial #1

I have been talking about Tutorial for so long now, I finally took an action!
Last Wednesday I lauched the first video of how to do Lucy Loo Close up hazel eyes,
I know it is quiet fast, I personally can't watch a video that are over 2 min long. so I figure I had to make it this way, I put a little notes on the screen what colour and product I used, so I hope that helps.

I look at colouring as 'understanding lights' If you do, you will find colouring or drawing so much easier. Understand it and play with it. ^^ 

 So It will be Every Wed, I will come up with new videos! Long Journee of Unky's Colouring Therapy has started last week! ^^
Hope you enjoy the videos.
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I am starting up a small contest with special deal relate to this tutorial, please join our facebook group.




  1. Love the shading! Need to try adding shadows with pencils. Fabulous! xxD

  2. wow love this video and I see you have a lot of them well guess I better get a coffee!! thanks for taking the time to make these and then post them!!

    1. sorry for so late reply! I am so glad you like it! <3 and thanks for lovely comment xxx