Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It is All about nose -Unky's coloring therapy #12

Today's episode is all about NOSE

The other day, Rita commented on the Facebook page 

Do you have a tutorial on noses? 

Here I am, made a video all about nose. 

colouring nose

Digis: Aurora 'Daisy' ( http://goo.gl/xJItwy ) 
          Lucy Loo 'Close up' ( http://goo.gl/9hkmLZ )
          Lucy Loo  Lucy Style 'I love you' ( http://goo.gl/Pgijn8 )
Copic E11, E13, E15

Here is another example.

and if you do take the flashlight to the bathroom. I am sure you will see what I am talking about ^^
Just like Rita did,

Please let me know if you have any request or questions about any colouring I did.
I would love to make a video about it!

Thank you! xxx


  1. Fantastic subscibed to your channel.
    Thanks Chris x

  2. Fabulous Unky, I love the realistic coloring you done here. Helps to watch it created in real time. Thank you tons.

    1. You are welcome Dorinda! Thank you for the review! xxx

  3. You say "blend it out" ,what color did you use? Thanks girlie for the tutorials. Love your work.